Dr. Maas discusses the LightSheer Duet with MedEsthetics Magazine

As practitioners and engineers continue to refine both techniques and technologies, opinions vary regarding the most effective wavelengths for permanent hair reduction. “We have sorted out over the years that the alexandrite, ruby and YAG lasers can do a good job, but we can argue that the diode 810nm wavelength is the best,” says Corey… Read Full Article

Announcing Xeomin™

Xeomin™ was approved by the Food and Drug Administration this year for the treatment of hyperfunctional frown lines (the deep lines between the eyebrows).  ITTA is similar to the well-known Botox Cosmetic™ and Dysport™ products that are provided as a series of small injections around the area of frown lines and wrinkles.  By temporally blocking the… Read Full Article

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