JUVÉDERM is a revolutionary injectable filler that can improve the appearance of your face by removing signs of aging. The active ingredient in JUVÉDERM is hyaluronic acid, a compound that can be found naturally inside your body. When injected into the skin, this substance can fill in volume loss, making your skin appear more lively and smoothen many different types of wrinkles.

The acid also promotes the local production of collagen, a protein that creates connective tissue within the skin. By addressing both volume loss and skin degradation, JUVÉDERM has garnered a powerful reputation for its ability to shave years off a patient’s appearance. Contact us today for an appointment for JUVÉDERM in San Francisco at the Appearance Care Center.

Juvederm in San Francisco

Why Do We Need JUVÉDERM?

As our bodies begin to age, the production of collagen begins to decline much more rapidly than many people would expect. By the age of 20, most people are already losing 1% of their collagen production each year. As we know, collagen is an essential component to keep taut and smooth skin free from wrinkles and folds. The same kind of degradation happens with our production of hyaluronic acid, causing parts of our faces to appear sunken in or saggy.

By replacing the lost volume with a natural compound, there is very little chance that our bodies will reject the solution, as is a risk with other forms of cosmetic treatment ranging from breast implants to lip fillers. Without treatments like JUVÉDERM, there is almost no way to replace what is lost during this degradation. Even the most vigilant skincare enthusiasts, who spend hours each day protecting their skin and doing preventative maintenance, will someday deal with the effects of age. We need this treatment because, frankly, very few other options are as successful as JUVÉDERM.

What Are My JUVÉDERM Options?

JUVÉDERM Injectable Gel Ultra

This product is less dense than its counterpart and is explicitly designed for mild to medium wrinkle depth correction. Common treatments include nasolabial folds, lip augmentations, forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, obvious nasal furrows and cheek wrinkles. This is a good option for most wrinkles that are not too defined.

JUVÉDERM Injectable Gel Ultra Plus

The Plus version of this treatment addresses similar types of wrinkles, folds and other conditions, but it is a denser formula developed to tackle moderate to severe conditions. It can also be used to restore lost volume in the cheeks and plump the lips. While it is thicker than the Ultra solution, the final results still feel natural and are aesthetically pleasing.

Am I a Candidate for JUVÉDERM in San Francisco?

If you are interested in JUVÉDERM in San Francisco, we have good news: this treatment is highly versatile and a solid option for any skin type or tone. There are very few conditions that would disqualify someone from using this product. But in the rare event that a disease does prevent your candidacy, our office can help you figure out a different way to achieve your aesthetic goals.

We also highly recommend that anyone looking to have this treatment look at plenty of before and after photos to get a clear understanding of what can be achieved with injectable fillers in general and JUVÉDERM in particular. Every procedure has its limitations, and if you do not understand the scope of JUVÉDERM’s capabilities, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed with your policy regardless of how successful it was.


How Should I Prepare for JUVÉDERM?

There are very few preparations you need to make in order to be successful with JUVÉDERM treatment. We only ask that you avoid excessive sunlight exposure, overindulging in alcohol, smoking or using non-prescribed medications in the days leading up to your procedure. Any of these factors can have adverse effects on your recovery and results, so avoiding them is critical.

There is also zero downtime associated with this procedure, so you will not need to worry about taking time away from work or other responsibilities. Many people can perform their injections during their lunch hour and return directly to work afterward.

What Should I Expect from a JUVÉDERM Procedure?

The procedure is completed in three easy steps:

  1. Your face will be thoroughly cleaned and possibly numbed
  2. The injections will be made into the targeted areas
  3. Your face will be cleaned again, and you will be sent home

Since it is a minimally invasive injection, the process can usually be completed well within an hour.

What Should I Expect During JUVÉDERM Recovery?

Recovery for JUVÉDERM, like most injectables, is minimal. You can expect a couple of days of redness, swelling or soreness at the most. Usually, by day three, all side effects have dissipated. You will not need to take any time off work or worry about your usual routines — you can resume everything as soon as your injections are completed. We usually recommend avoiding extensive sun exposure as much as possible to maintain the results of your treatment.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from JUVÉDERM?

JUVÉDERM is a long-lasting solution. The exact amount of time it will continue to provide you results depends entirely on which product you use, the amount of correction being made and your body’s unique reaction to the solution. In general, most patients see improvements for about six months for a single session, but follow-up treatments can be performed regularly to ensure that you maintain optimal results.

Expert JUVÉDERM Treatment in San Francisco, CA

If you are ready to pull the trigger and have JUVÉDERM restore your confidence, give our office a call at (415) 567-7200 or fill out our online contact form. A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with more information about the process and what to expect. We are looking forward to being your trusted partner through the aesthetic process.

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