Heal and Conceal Surgical Scars With Post-Procedure Foundation

Did you know one of the number one deterrents of getting a facial plastic surgery procedure is concern about scarring? Although most patients understand that scarring is natural and expected as part of their post-surgery journey, many do not want their scars to show, especially in the early stages of healing. Luckily, there are solutions to help you cover and heal scars and skin inflammation so you can get back to normal activities sooner.

At the Appearance Care Center™, we recommend Oxygenetix to accomplish precisely that! While you may be tempted to use makeup purchased at department stores or drug stores following a procedure, those formulas may not have the strength needed to camouflage your skin and don’t have ingredients that can help your skin heal faster and better.


Should I Use Oxygenetix to Cover Up My Facial Surgical Scars?

Surgical scars will fade with time and proper healing, especially when you follow your post-operative recommendations from your surgeon. However, sometimes we have events to attend or want to go about our daily errands without our healing scars appearing obvious. Enter Oxygenetix, a makeup brand created specifically for covering post-op scarring!

How Does Oxygenetix Work?

Oxygenetix is formulated to soothe the skin while camouflaging healing surgical scars. It not only helps to reduce the appearance of scarring, it goes further by actively helping your skin heal. The formula includes Ceravitae™, which helps oxygenate your skin while speeding up the production of collagen and elastin. Depending on the Oxygenetix product you choose, this makeup line can also help clear up skin conditions and heal wounds, all while leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh.

Why Not Just Use a Thicker Foundation or a Cinema Makeup Brand?

While a photo and video-friendly makeup brand can help you camouflage your scars, these brands don’t have active ingredients to help your skin heal at the same time. Oxygenetix is also created to help prevent bacterial infection, which is essential during recovery from surgical procedures. Furthermore, Oxygenetix makeup includes SPF and other active ingredients to keep your skin protected while fully covered.

Will They Have a Shade That Matches My Skin Tone?

Yes! Oxygenetix comes in 14 shades, all scientifically formulated to blend right into your skin. During your consultation or post-op visit, we can help you find the formula just right for your skin tone and your skin concerns.

How Can I Get Oxygenetix at the Appearance Care Center™?

During your consultation for your facial procedure, be it surgical or not, we can cover your questions about healing and makeup usage. Our team often recommends Oxygenetix to our patients after surgery, and many love using Oxygenetix even if they have not recently had a procedure to achieve a flawless complexion for their big events or fun nights out. Ask us about Oxygenetix by calling us at (415) 567-7200 or completing our contact us form here.

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