What Is QWO?

QWO is the first injection on the cosmetic market that has been FDA-approved for the correction of moderate to severe cellulite in a woman’s buttocks. It is the only treatment of its kind on the market, signaling a dramatic shift in the ways that aesthetic professionals are able to handle cellulite, one of the most common and frustrating cosmetic conditions.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a common dimpling of the surface layer of skin. The irregularity is easy to spot and prominent in many people — particularly women — regardless of weight. While people with larger pockets of stored fat are more susceptible to cellulite, anyone can develop the condition. According to Cleveland Clinic,  between 80% and 90% of women who have gone through puberty experience cellulite. That number drops dramatically to 10% when looking at men.

Why Do We Need QWO?

Cellulite is not only linked to fat storage. As mentioned earlier, people of any weight or BMI can experience cellulite, especially women. But other factors, like genetics, age and sex are all factors of cellulite that we have no control over. While weight and fat storage can be mitigated in some cases, there is no way to slow down the aging process or change your genetics.

This is why we need QWO. For many people, cellulite is a plague on their appearance and confidence, and there are essentially no other solutions that are as reliable or as effective as QWO. Some topical procedures exist, but QWO is the only injectable solution that can chemically break down the root cause of cellulite.


How Does QWO Work?

QWO is formulated with specific enzymes called collagenases. They are released directly into the skin where fat is stored and where the fibrous bands of connective tissue are located. These bands pull the layers of skin together, causing the appearance of cellulite on the surface of our skin. Collagenases dismantle those fibrous bands of tissue, ridding the body of the appearance of cellulite.

Am I a Candidate for QWO?

QWO is only approved for use on adult women. It is also only used for people who are experiencing moderate to severe levels of cellulite in the buttocks. For minor conditions, other options may be better suited to your aesthetic needs. During your consultation, our office will help you determine what the best course of action for your unique situation is.

Anyone considering QWO treatment should be decided based on their own aesthetic preferences and not with pressure from other sources. You should also have a clear understanding of what QWO can achieve. Otherwise, you may find yourself disappointed by what we would consider a successful procedure. Review plenty of before and after pictures and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident as you move forward in the process.

Is QWO Safe?

QWO is considered to be very safe. It is approved by the FDA and was tested on more than 1,800 women in a study prior to being released to the public. Many aesthetic specialists of these women said there was an improvement in the appearance of cellulite. In the hands of a professional, like those at Appearance Care Center, adverse side effects are very rare.

Do I Need to Prepare for QWO?

There is no lengthy preparation you will need to take prior to your QWO treatment. You should, however, avoid sun exposure and smoking. Both of these can damage your results and recovery. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our team to have them answered at any time.

What Is the QWO Procedure Like?

The QWO procedure can be completed in a few easy steps. First, the targeted area will be thoroughly cleaned to help prevent infection. Then, the QWO solution will be injected into your buttocks near the cellulite. You will be bandaged up and then sent home for a very minor recovery. The entire process will only take you about ten minutes. At this point, the procedure is complete.

Best results have been shown to appear after three separate shots spaced within 21 days from each other. Even with three appointments though, the entire procedure time is still around 30 minutes and very likely to be beneath 45 minutes.

How Is the QWO Recovery?

There is no recovery time necessary after QWO treatment. Even in the clinical trials, no patients saw the need for post-treatment downtime. You can leave our office and immediately return back to work, school or any other obligations or responsibilities. Unlike some butt procedures, you don’t even need to worry about keeping pressure off of your backside.

Some bruising and redness may develop as a reaction to the injection, but these side effects are typically very minor and don’t even need medication. You can expect these mild symptoms to develop after each injection.

What Results Does QWO Provide?

QWO treatments last a few years, but this will depend entirely on your unique reaction to the procedure and how well your body takes to the QWO formula. It is also worth noting that in clinical trials, the results are shown to have lasted a few years, but this is largely limited because the study is only a few years old. It is possible, and even likely, that QWO can last much longer than a few years.

How Much Does QWO Cost?

QWO starts at $2,600 for all three treatments, but this will depend entirely on your unique condition, the amount of correction being performed and your regularity as a customer. We will provide you with an accurate estimate during your initial consultation so you know exactly what to expect as you move forward.

Reliable QWO Treatment in San Francisco

If you are ready to learn more about how QWO can help solve your cellulite concerns, give our office a call at (415) 567-7200 to speak to one of our professionals. Alternatively, you can also fill out our contact form to have a member of our team call you back and set up an appointment at a more convenient time. We are looking forward to being your trusted aesthetic partner!

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