Protect and Heal Your Skin After a Cosmetic Procedure

After a facial plastic surgery procedure or non-surgical cosmetic treatment, your facial skin and tissues are more sensitive. You may have bruises after a procedure like a facelift, making you anxious to cover it up if you go out. If you’ve undergone a med spa treatment like laser resurfacing or intense pulsed light (IPL), you can return to your everyday activities soon after but may have redness you want to hide. However, choosing the right makeup can have a dramatic impact on your results. Your makeup should not only provide coverage for a smooth completion but also encourage healing for improved results.

If you’re going to wear makeup after a cosmetic procedure, it’s essential to use high-quality products with protective, nourishing and gentle ingredients to promote healthy skin. At the Appearance Care Center, we offer the following makeup lines that are safe and beneficial for your delicate, healing skin.

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Glo Skin Beauty mineral makeup products are made from ultra-fine minerals and powerful antioxidants formulated to help you achieve healthy skin with a radiant glow. These products offer a range of coverages and sun protection for any skin type and aesthetic concern, and they can enhance and prolong your results after a cosmetic surgery or non-surgical aesthetic treatment.

We carry the full line of Glo Skin Beauty mineral makeup, which includes facial makeup (primers, foundation bases, concealers, setters, contours, blushes, bronzers and highlighters), eye makeup (brow pencils and powders, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras), and mineral makeup for your lips (lipsticks, lip glosses, liners and more).

Oxygenetix offers a range of high coverage yet breathable foundations that help minimize your downtime after an aesthetic procedure and make your skin look smooth and bright. These healing and concealing products are ideal for camouflaging facial redness and bruising after surgery, and they can be applied immediately after most cosmetic procedures. The patented, active ingredient in Oxygenetix makeup is called Ceravitae. It delivers nutrients to the skin without weighing it down.

This revolutionary hero ingredient helps the skin cells efficiently absorb and utilize oxygen, which promotes recovery by speeding up the growth of new tissue, including collagen and elastin cells. Other anti-inflammatory, hydrating and restorative ingredients like aloe vera, nine types of hydrators and silicone make these makeup products ideal for healing and providing flawless coverage.

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